What is Re-Jeweled? Find out and get started today!
Add Sparkle to Your Life NOW!

Whether your life has suddenly been changed by

  • death
  • divorce
  • domestic violence
  • disease
  • downsizing


OR… if you’re re-inventing your life through discovery and desire, this book is for you!

You can begin right now living a Dream-Based Life focused on your passions and priorities!

Re-Jeweled will show you how to:

  • capture the power of the sub-conscious
  • see yourself living your dreams
  • harness the secret of abundance mentality
  • visualize and affirm your way to success
  • make your expectations bring sparkle to your Life
  • take charge by setting boundaries
  • bring about what you talk about!

Author/Speaker Sue Christensen has had a history of achievement in business for over 30 years. She has made Life-Re-Invention an art form starring in her own production.